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Nick Brown holds a 4.5-pound trout he caught last week at Camanche Reservoir. He was using a 2-inch plastic minnow in the early morning.

The Delta: The wind is playing havoc on the fishing this past week on the Sacramento River. Trollers are working the West Bank, Dairy, mouth of the Old Sac and Steamboat. Most fish are running 5-9 pounds with an occasional fish in the teens, and lots of shakers. P-Line Angry Eyes and Predators are the baits of choice.

Bait fishermen are fishing from the Rio Vista Bridge down to Sherman Island, using shad, sardines and anchovies. The sturgeon bite has been on the quiet side.

San Joaquin River: Trollers are working the Mokelumne River up to Georgiana Slough, using P-Line Predators and Rebels. Fish being cause are from keeper size up to 6 pounds.

Bait fishermen are concentrating in areas of Light 38 down to the mouth of Three-Mile Slough. Black Bass are doing great right now on Buzz Baits and crawdad-type baits.

Amador: Bank fishermen for trout are doing well using Berkley Power Bait, Mice Tails and Trout Worms.

Trollers are using Needlefish, Rapalas and Apexes in the main body of the lake. Black Bass fishing is off the hook, using Senko worms, Robo worms and crawdad type baits.

Pardee: Kokanee trollers are using Rocky Mountain spinners, GVF dodgers with Cantaloupe spinners, Mag Tackle mini Hoochies, Uncle Larry's Spinners with garlic and anise scents. Best areas have been the dam, south of the river entrance and up the river along the rock wall. Best depths have been 20 to 40 feet.

Bank fishermen are working the marina area using Berkley PowerBait, Berkley Mice Tails and Trout Worms. Some shore anglers are casting Kastmasters, Magic Bullets and Rooster Tails.

Don Pedro: Salmon anglers are concentrating on the dam area and Middle Bay, rolling shad at 70 to 90 feet, using Apexes behind Dodgers, White hoochies with a small anchovie fillet on the hook.

Kokanee are starting to show up at Jenkin's Hill and Middle Bay areas at 40-60 feet, using Sling Blades or Vance's Dodges, using Uncle Larry's spinners, Mag Tackle spinner Hoochies tipped with Shoepeg corn. Best scent is Anise.

Trout fishermen are trolling the dam area, Middle Bay and Woods Creek areas. Most fish are running at 15-35 feet, using Rapalas, Excel Lures, and Mag Predator spoons. Best colors are Shad Patterns, Fire Tiger and Chrome.

Best baits for largemouth bass are Senkos, Swimbaits, Robo worms and Crankbaits. One of the hot areas is in the back of Woods Creek.

Lake Camanche: Anglers are trolling the area of the main body of the lake to the dam, using Rapalas, Apexes, and Excel lures; they're also using nightcrawlers behind a Dodger and Flashers. Best depth is 15-30 feet on downriggers. Black Bass is off the hook using Robo and Senko worms.

New Melones Lake: Alan Anton caught limits of kokanee up to 15 feet, using Pink & White and Pink & Purple Hoochies, and Mr. Kokanee spinners.

Noel Reed of Lodi got his limits of kokanee using Mr. Kokanee spinners, Mag Tackle hoochies behind a Mr. Kokanee Dodger.

Kokanee are starting to show in Carson Cove, Glory Hole Point, Shipwreck and south of Rose Island. Best depths have been 20-45 feet.

Many anglers are picking up some nice trout 15-30 feet down, using Needlefish, Speedy Shiners, and Predator spoons.

Bait fishing is slow, still getting a few off the bank at Glory Hole Point and Angel's Cove.

Bass anglers are doing great at Melones this week, fishing all of the points, drop-shotting and using spinner baits. Best colors are Crawdad and Green Pumpkin.

Ocean: Salmon fishing is real good with the exception of the windy days. Sport fishermen have to contend with the commercial boats. Best depths are 40-100 feet. Best baits are Apexes and FBRs, Anchovies, Krocodiles and Brad's Super Cut Plugs. Favorite scent has been krill.


The 21st Annual Lodi Lake Youth Fishing Derby will be held Saturday, June 2.

Fishing begins at 8 a.m. and ends at noon. A fish tank for kids will be available for kids under 8 years old.

Bring your own fishing pole. Check in early for free tackle and free raffle tickets. Call Lodi Parks & Recreation for details at 333-6742.

The event is sponsored by the Central Valley Anglers, Rick and Melba Frisk, Fisherman's Friend, Tiger Lines Trucking, Far West Safety, General Mills, The Head Waters, Robinson's Feed, Something Fishy and No-Name Striped Bass.

The inaugural Russ Faught Mr. Kokanee Memorial Derby will be held Saturday, June 16 at Melones. Get your sign-up sheets at The Fisherman's Friend or Glory Hole Sports in Angels Camp. For details, call The Fisherman's Friend at 209-369-0204 or Rick Frisk at 209-727-3509 or 209-200-1782.

The Fisherman's Friend will be closed the day of the derby.

Local fisherman Mike Faught is the owner of Fisherman's Friend in Lodi. To view the Fisherman's Friend website go to

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