Giovannie Gonzalez is preparing for his 12th professional fight.

Before the three-day Labor Day weekend arrives, the 2008 Tokay High graduate is scheduled to have more bouts. Not counting a possible one against a world champion.

On Friday, in a 130-pound, six-round bout sanctioned by Tijuana Boxing Commission of Mexico, Gonzalez is scheduled against Kevin Lopez. This is Gonzalez’s second fight that is scheduled to go six rounds this year. The fight will take place at the Commercial Center Arena in Tijuana Baja.

“We’re in shape,” said Gonzalez on Wednesday. “We can’t train too long because it won’t be good in the long run; I’m prepared for a 12-round fight.”

According to Gonzalez, who is projected to make $5,000 for the bout, Facebook is scheduled to livestream the event.

Since turning pro in 2017, Gonzalez has an 8-3 record, winning by seven knockouts, according to Lopez has a 2-20 record, and has been knocked out 15 times.

Gonzalez said he has limited information on Lopez’s boxing skills and his win-loss record. But like every fight he’s had in his professional and amateur career, the Tokay graduate is not looking past his opponent.

“He’s a tough Mexican warrior, just like every Mexican fighter,” said Gonzalez of Lopez. “I’m just going to go in there. I train very hard, so I will come out victorious.”

Gonzalez’s mindset is very simple — win.

“That’s why we want to try go in there and take care of business, fast,” Gonzalez said. “I’m confident that we are going to go out victorious.”

Gonzalez will have two boxing matches in upcoming weeks. On Friday, June 21, he will have another six-round bout against Christian Quezada. That match will take place at Big Punch Arena in Tijuana, and is suppose to be livestreamed and shown on cable in Mexico.

On Saturday, Aug. 3, Gonzalez will be entering the boxing ring against Guadalupe Arroyo, who has a 3-17 record and has been knocked out once. That fight is scheduled to take place at the Civic Center in Stockton, and will also be six-rounds.

In May, Gonzalez, who is referred to as the Golden Bear on the website, was scheduled to take on world champion Juan Manuel Lopez in Puerto Rico. But the fight was postponed.

The promoter of that fight, according to Gonzalez, told the local boxer’s camp that if he wins Friday’s bout, plus the next two, they would like to reschedule this fall for a 10-round bout. That fight would be pay-per-view on Direct TV.

“We’ve pretty verbally agreed to the deal,” Gonzalez said. “There is no contract, yet. I spoke to the world champion himself to clarify everything, and he agreed.”

Gonzalez’s last fight was on April 12 — which was also his daughter’s fifth birthday. Taking on Josue Banuelos at Big Punch Arena, Gonzalez knocked out Banuelos 40 seconds into the bout.

But what made that fight tough, Gonzalez explained, was that it didn’t start until midnight. After Gonzalez got the win, he and his camp had limited rest, and then flew back to California to celebrate his daughter’s birthday.

“I got back to Lodi about 12:10 (p.m.),” Gonzalez said. “We had a big, birthday party for her at 2 p.m. So it was pretty hectic 48 hours. It was pretty crazy.”

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