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Lodi Readers' Choice Fact Page

There is a lot that goes into Readers' Choice!

Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions:


What is the Readers’ Choice?

The Readers’ Choice is a celebration of the best Lodi has to offer when it comes to businesses and organizations that make Lodi a better place to live.

How does The Lodi News-Sentinel determine Lodi's Readers' Choice winners?

You can nominate your favorites in dozens of categories through our online ballot. Write-in nominations are accepted from January 10 - 20, 2023 as the FIRST part of the competition.

The 5 businesses that get the most nominations in each category will advance to the SECOND part of the competition – the Voting Phase! Voting runs January 24- February 11, 2023.

The top vote-getters will be the year’s Lodi's Readers' Choice winners. There is only one 'Best of' winner. There are two Favorite-runner ups.

Why are there two rounds?

The nomination round gives more businesses an opportunity to take advantage of the audience that Lodi's Readers' Choice brings. 

What is the audience'?

We have over 349,932 impressions on our Best of site each year, making it a prime location to market your business to a hyper-targeted audience. 

How does the nominating round work?

One nomination per category. The ballot saves your nominations according to your email address, so you can exit the ballot and come back later to do more. If you nominate a business on Monday but then change your mind a few days later, you can return and write in that new place that just opened around the corner. There is no final “submit” button

How does the voting round work?

Voting is multiple choice. There are no write-ins accepted for the Final Voting Phase in January, 2023

When does voting begin and end?

Final voting starts Tuesday, January 24 and ends Saturday, February 11, 2023.

How many times can I vote for a business?

One nomination per category per day. 

What happened to that one category from last year?

You sent us hundreds of notes during and after last year’s Lodi's Readers' Choice, and we used that feedback to create this year’s ballot. Some categories have been expanded, others have been tweaked for clarity, and a couple were put on the shelf. These changes refresh the ballot so it’s not the exact same, year after year. We did our best to consider the impact of these changes, but we’d like to hear from you if you have comments or suggestions for the 2023 ballot. Please email those messages to

Do businesses have to pay to get on the ballot?

No way! It is 100% free to participate. We do have options to give your business more exposure, but purchasing advertising does not guarantee anything for the contest. If you are interested in getting your business logo on the ballot, you can email us at to request our media kit.

Do advertisers automatically win?

No! Lodi's Readers' Choice results are based on our reader voting. Some winners may be advertisers or later choose to be one, but being an advertiser does not guarantee a win.

We work hard to maintain the integrity of this contest because it means so much to our community. We do NOT sell votes! Any business/nominee that is flagged for fraudulent activity may be removed from the ballot for the remainder of the 2023 campaign. No cheating!

How can I promote my business to get nominations?

See our Lodi's Readers' Choice voting toolkit with flyers, graphics and marketing tips to help you spread the word. **These will be available once voting goes live.**

Where is the “submit” button? How do I know my nominations counted?

There is no final “submit” button. Once you click the “VOTE” button and enter your email address, your choice is recorded. No further action is needed.

I’m having trouble registering. What should I do?

When you start nominating in the first category of your choice, you will be asked to fill out the registration form. When you complete this step, you will be registered and you can continue casting your votes on the ballot.

If you have trouble with that process, we would suggest trying a different browser or device.

I don’t have time to fill out the whole ballot right now. Can I come back later and do more?

Sure! As long as you’ve already registered in that round and it’s before the deadline, you can pick up where you left off. When you return to the ballot on the same device, you should be automatically logged in and able to see your previous selections. If you aren’t logged in and you know that you’ve already registered in that round, click the “Already participated in this round…” link for further instructions.

Can I continue the process on another device?

Yes. When you return to the ballot on a different device, click the “Already participated in this round…” link for further instructions.

Why do I have to make an account?

Our ballot software requires that users create an account to track your selections. This helps us guard against fraudulent voting and allows you to revisit your ballot before the deadline to make changes and additional nominations. Don’t worry, there is no password needed.

How do I find out who the winners are?

Winners will be announced in a special section in the Lodi News-Sentinel newspaper on Friday, March 31, 2023. Subscribe now to get the Lodi's Readers' Choice section – and the Lodi News-Sentinel newspaper – delivered right to your mail box.