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As with our newsprint version, our online published content is a matter of public record and is part of our contract with our readers. To simply remove published content from the archive diminishes transparency and trust with our readers and, in effect, erases history. This is not a practice engaged in by credible news organizations or in line with ethical journalism. However, on occasion we will consider exceptions to this policy for compassionate reasons; for example, when something we’ve published, though accurate, has put an individual’s safety at risk, or if the article in question is considered defamatory. Senior managers will discuss such requests with the default position being to keep items online unless there’s irrefutable evidence of a clear harm being caused to someone. The final decision shall rest with the editor.

In cases where contact information has changed, or a person is no longer involved with an organization, business or other venture, we will consider placing an editor's note above the online story explaining the change.

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