Ninety-five female volunteers, plus eight sewing machines, plus donated materials equaled a lot of productive fun recently, as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints provided needed supplies for homeless people in the Lodi area.

The church’s Relief Society hoped to make 30 quilts and assemble 500 hygiene kits from donated materials. Instead, they completed 62 quilts and 524 hygiene kits during the three-hour period.

The supplies were distributed to homeless shelters in Lodi, Galt, Ione, Jackson and San Andreas. Volunteers also made 37 personal item bags to fit onto walkers, which were donated to local rest homes, and T-shirt scarves for personal fashion accessories, just for fun.

The humanitarian project concluded with a dinner prepared and served by Lodi Stake President Joseph Anderson, his two counselors and the 12 members of the High Council.

After the meal, while the men washed dishes, the women watched a live worldwide broadcast of the annual Relief Society Conference via satellite from Salt Lake City.

Lodi-Galt Mormons host stake conference

The Lodi Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints held its semi-annual stake conference in October.

Sacramento Mission President Harold B. Lewis and Sacramento Temple President Norman Boehm of the Sacramento Temple addressed the congregation, while Lodi Stake President Joseph Anderson presided over both sessions.

Music was provided by a choir composed of LDS members from Lodi, Galt, Ione, Jackson, Murphys and San Andreas.

The choir was directed by Carolynn Baker of Galt, while Leilani Cook of Acampo accompanied on the piano and Lodi’s Ruth Anderson on the violin.

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