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Religion letter: Believers should consider beauty, significance of holy days

Posted: Sunday, April 2, 2017 11:30 am

Editor: Soon, Believers will gather to celebrate Pesach/Passover, Nissan 14. Many denominations are joining with our Jewish brothers around the world. This High Day is so important to observe and honor, a second Day was given in the next Jewish month, Omer 14, if you were unable to attend (Numbers 9:10).

On Nissan 10, it was commanded that the sacrificial lamb be brought into their houses (Exodus 12:3b).  Those of us, who have known the joy of little lambs, know how dear they can become to us. After four days of their sweetness/charm, they were sacrificed. There was meant to be sorrow for the terrible price of sin in the death of the lamb, representing our Lord.

John 12 begins the timeline of our Lord's final days. The tenth of Nissan, was the day He entered Jerusalem. While the crowd cheered Him, the lambs were being lead through the City to the Temple for the Passover sacrifice at 3 p.m. Yeshua became our Lamb at 3 p.m., a Wednesday. He was placed in the grave for three days and nights, and resurrected on a weekly Sabbath (John 20). There is no other way the three days and nights can be explained/interpreted. As set out in the days of Creation, evenings start the “dawning” of a new day. When they came to the empty tomb, it was at Sabbath sundown, scriptural Sunday morning, and He had risen.

As Believers, there is great significance in the Jewish High Days (Leviticus 23): Sabbath (Creation), Passover (Salvation), First Fruits (Resurrection), Shavuot (Pentecost), Rosh Hashanah/Feast of Trumpets (Second coming), Yom Kippur (Day of Judgment) and Feast of Tabernacles/Sukkot (His Kingdom reign with us).  These Days are to be kept as “convocations” (rehearsals) in Leviticus 23:2b, reminding us to prepare for these future times/judgment.

The Father is doing great miracles now, opening the eyes of Believers to the Jewishness of our Lord, while bringing many Jews to acknowledge that Yeshua, our Lord, is Messiah. I encourage you as a Believer to consider the beauty and significance of these holy times.

Maureen (Doyle) Minick