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Letter: Truth has become intolerance

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Posted: Friday, May 8, 2015 9:41 pm

The Lodi News-Sentinel headline of May 1 asked an interesting question, “When does a word become a slur?” The definition of the word slur: to stain, smear, smirch or sully, to blur or blot, to disparage or discredit, reproach or stigmatize, to cast aspersions on, anything harmful or intended to be harmful to a person’s reputation. The answer to the question, of course, is words become slurs when we want them to be.

My dear old dad used to say, “Words and ideas are powerful things, they have consequences so they require not only a studious contemplation but also an action, even if only an inner action like discernment.”

Dad was a wise man, he always counseled us to seek to understand and also to be understood — word choices are critically important and indicative of thought. Words are deeds; they are an action either spoken and/or written or merely thought, they are an action of our heart and mind. Words are never cheap. Some are just more valuable than others. We are our words.

The renown Jew, Jesus of Nazareth, taught the law of love of God and of each other. He taught the Golden Rule and warned us to treat each other as we wanted to be treated. Who of us wants to be denigrated and disparaged, mocked and ridiculed, scoffed at and made fun of? None. When Jesus was put to shame, He raised not his voice against insults and slurs nor against the brutal treatment. Why? Because in a degenerate society, tolerance becomes the last virtue and intolerance becomes the “last sin,” ie, “the judging of sin,” because judging becomes intolerance. Tolerance has become a virtue to men with no convictions or conscience. This is where we are today. The truth has become intolerance, and our overlooking of the truth is the new tolerance. Lie against truth always.

My wise old dad used to say, “Rationalization is always self-deception.”

William Van Amber Fields