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Religion letter: Numbers and miracles

Posted: Sunday, April 9, 2017 6:30 pm

Editor: The fool says in his heart, “There is no God” — Psalms 13 (14): 1.

Jesus was circumcized on the eighth day. In studying this, L. Emmett Holt and Rusten McIntosh found the wisdom of God.

A newborn infant has peculiar susceptibility to bleeding between the second and fifth days of life. There is a tendency to hemorrhage because the important blood-clotting element (Vitamin K) is not found in the normal amount until the fifth to the seventh day of life. Thus, the first real safe day for circumcision would be the eighth day — the same day that “I AM” (Almighty God) told Abraham to circumcize Issac.

A second element, prothrombin, is necessary for the normal clotting of blood. It just so happens that an eight-day-old baby has more available prothrombin than on any other day in its entire life. Actually, it skyrockets to 110 percent on the eighth day. “8” means “New Beginning.” “Jesus” — name given on the eighth day of circumcision.

I asked a lady why she is one of the few who correctly remains obedient to 1 Corinthians II in wearing her veil to Mass. She told me her story of being stricken with cancerous growths all over her body. Her husband left her; she was the sole caretaker for her children. This lady prayed and promised to wear her veil forever at Mass if cured. She was totally cured at the end of nine months. Mary wore “her” veil.

Days later, after telling the story to a Priest, it struck me: The greatest miracle was manifested in nine months, after Mary’s conception by the Holy Ghost — “the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ” — the Incarnational Process.

Ron Arthur