One of my favorite athletes was Floyd Patterson, a black man and former world heavyweight boxing champion. As a devout Catholic, he was very kind and a complete gentleman. With his "peek-a-boo" boxing style and haircut, he won many converts in Christ.

Our Catholic faith has ties with the only undefeated heavyweight champion, Rocky Marciano. What was truly behind his success? His mother praying the Rosary in her room during every fight.

Don't forsake troubled youth. Christ and his mother, Maria, wouldn't. And speaking of Maria, Our Lady of Guadalupe worked tremendous miracles — millions of souls converted within days.

I have great respect for "every" person created in the image of our Most Holy Triune God: Hell's Angels or whomever. I've had many experiences, almost lost my life once. Yet God's love breaks through in every incidence. Once in a back alley, another was cursing me because he left the Catholic church. At the same time, his buddy placed his hand on my shoulder to comfort me.

Walking home from the Eastside, I saw a muscular, heavily tattooed Mexican "picking on" a smaller guy. I drew a line in a crack of his driveway and said, "You really think you are tough. But when Christ returns, you are going to be shaking in your boots, especially when you find yourself as one of the goats on the wrong side of the line."

Great fear — lose one's soul in hell's torments forever. But I love the Mexican people. They have been so good to me.

I grew up with guns and hunting, but I had tremendous respect — never loaded except for pheasant hunting. "Safety" on at all times. Friends and I actually carried our guns in the open on an Army base in South Dakota as we went off to hunt.

Once after walking for miles, we met an older student, George Coates, driving a little tractor. To demonstrate the community's concern for one another, he gave us a ride (toe-hold) into Provo, a nearby small place.

Christ's sacrificial love is delivered through fatherly examples — coaches, especially boxing.

Ron Arthur


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