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Letter: Humans are not descended from animals

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Posted: Friday, June 12, 2015 10:23 pm

The headline from an article in the Los Angeles Times claimed “Evidence of first known murder — 430,000 years ago” — a date, of course picked out of thin air. The article was printed in the Lodi News-Sentinel on May 29, 2015.

A paleoanthropologist at Binghamton University co-authored the report, which involved piecing together fragments of the skull of a hominid — whatever that is — and determining that he’d been dealt a forceful blow to the forehead, causing his death.

This is a fairy tale, of course, since bone that old would have disintegrated long ago. The myth of evolution is being perpetuated by those who cling to the theory that people evolved from animals.

An anthropologist at the University of California, Santa Barbara, commenting on this ancient murder said, “This study contributes to the debate that intentional assault between two people has deep roots in our ‘hominid’ human history.”

On the contrary, people tend to be community-minded, reaching out to those hit by a natural disaster with personal assistance or through Red Cross, Salvation Army or other organizations.

The Bible tells us that mankind was created in God’s image, separate from animals.

While animals can express feelings of hunger and anger through sounds they make, people communicate through spoken and written language.

Beavers build dams and birds build nests for their own use, but humans build high-rise apartments and office buildings, bridges, cars and airplanes for everyone’s use.

Each begins with a vision, a plan, and the physical body to construct it or hire those who can. No, we are not descended from some primeval creature.

Olive Francis