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Letter: President needs checks and balances

Posted: Monday, June 12, 2017 3:30 pm

Editor: The Lodi News-Sentinel published an opinion column from the Tribune News Service titled, “Judges’ anti-Trump end does not justify their means.”

The author admits there are problems, but blames the courts for those problems.

He lambastes some judges, who he says are unfit to be judges, for not approving Donald Trump’s travel ban. This author seems to be oblivious to the unorthodox manner in which Trump makes his decisions. These unorthodox decisions lavish attention on the president, and Donald Trump loves’ attention, and maybe the reason for those decisions.

The fact remains, if Trump had been discreet with his travel ban, he would’ve had better results. There may be some merits to parts of this travel ban, but not Trump's way, which only creates turmoil.

To add to the confusion, Trump’s now pulling the United States out of the climate agreement, and said, “he want’s to renegotiate for a better deal.”

What does that mean? Reading between the lines, what he is saying is he doesn’t want to be part of the world’s clean air.

He knows there’s no renegotiating this climate agreement. He double talks to the American people, He says whatever he believes will benefit his character, and be believable to his supporters. He said, “he wants to protect the country.” But what he’s doing is giving corporate polluters the green light, to poison our air and water.

We have a government with constitutional checks and balances, without those checks and balances, Donald Trump would have free rein, and as he has proven, would rule as a dictator.

John Slaughterback