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Letter: Wait for it

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Posted: Friday, June 9, 2017 3:30 pm

Editor: Back on March 11, I wrote that the Democrats' narrative of Russia colluding with Trump to win the election reminded me of the story of Esther where Haman had built gallows to hang the Jewish leader Mordecai but ended up being hung on the very gallows he prepared for Mordecai.

Haman being a type of the Democrat Party and the media and Mordecai being a type of Trump. I said, "I believe that before this year is out or perhaps the beginning of the next there will be high ranking government officials facing significant jail time" meaning those of the previous administration.

I hold on to this belief even more today than ever before even though it's wall-to-wall assaults on our president and his family. Draining this swamp is going to be messy and those who inhabit that swamp will not go down without a fight and I believe they're so corrupt and so vicious that they would have no qualms in not only destroying the Trump family but also bringing down our government. I wouldn't be surprised if some Republicans are involved.

I wrote on April 3 reiterating that Russia is a false narrative which I still hold to be true with one addition. It's not only to bring down Trump's presidency but also it's a diversion to keep investigations away from the outlaw reign of Obama hoping to keep everyone busy investigating fantasy conspiracy theories about Trump and off of real criminal and possible treasonable activities of Obama and his cohorts.

Delusional leftists blame everything under the sun for Hillary's defeat. Russia, Bernie, global warming and on and on when the simple fact is Hillary was a seriously flawed candidate and very untrustworthy.

As the saying goes, "Wait for it ... wait for it..." these fantasy conspiracies concerning Trump will lead investigators to the real culprits of Obama's presidency and I believe the Democratic leadership and media are beginning to realize it which, if you think they and their supporters have gone nuts so far in their behavior, you ain't seen nothing yet.

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