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Letter: Time to rein in the spending

Posted: Friday, May 19, 2017 10:31 am

Editor: It’s hard to believe all of the public outcry over something like the “new” recycling rules that have been in effect for 15 years. Where was all of that passion when the elected Democrats passed the largest gas tax in California history? And raised the vehicle registration fee?

I must admit, the infrastructure is inexcusable for a state that boasts the sixth largest economy in the world. These infrastructure issues should’ve been addressed years ago with taxes already collected.

Maybe it’s because the Democrats took $760 million from the transportation fund and dumped that money into the general fund for pet projects and social programs. Maybe we should ask District 9 (which includes Lodi) Assemblyman Jim Cooper, D-Elk Grove, who voted “yes” on the gas tax bill. Cooper was quoted in the LA Times on April 5 saying, “my constituents in my district are overwhelmingly against the tax.” So much for an elected official being the voice of the people who elected him.

California’s budget has ballooned by almost $50 billion since Jerry Brown was elected to his third term as governor. Who is going to pay for the $68 billion “real fast train?” How about the $16 billion water diversion (twin tunnel) project? And let’s not forget the $200 billion in unfunded pension liabilities? Free health care. Free college. This type of frivolous spending is not sustainable.

There are no more twenties in the ATM, so enjoy the liberal, tax and spend agenda. You voted for it. You deserve it.

Ed Jorgenson