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Letter: Busybodies should mind their own business

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Posted: Monday, July 17, 2017 2:30 pm

Editor: I have been a resident in Lodi for almost eight years. Since living here, I have come across some nice people as well as some rather untrustworthy characters. While I do enjoy living here, I feel that there is a growing problem — busybodies.

These people, who are either unemployed, underemployed or retired, feel the need to poke their nose where it doesn't belong. They call the police or code enforcement to report minor and unimportant infractions. Things such as long weeds, a vehicle that has not moved in a few days or a vehicle that is parked on dirt.

While some infractions do need to be paid attention to, long weeds, a vehicle parked in dirt or a vehicle that has not been moved are infractions that, in my opinion, should not be ones that need to involve code enforcement or the local police. Whatever happened to the "good neighbor"? Neighbors that would actually help each other versus reporting them repeatedly for infractions that are inane and inconsequential.

While I do get the importance of code enforcement, I do not see the necessity of pestering those who are having either financial difficulties, space issues for parking or are busy people that have little time to do yard work and cannot afford to hire someone to maintain it. Let alone living in a neighborhood where the local children throw their candy wrappers and trash on their neighbor's lawn.

My advice to those who are busybodies is plain and simple: do not poke your nose where it does not belong. If you are going to poke your nose into someone's business, be prepared to get a deep understanding of what those people are going through before passing judgment and calling the code enforcement or police. It will make you less of a heel and may possibly turn you into a better individual.

Jason Silva