Editor: I wrote a letter to the editor a few weeks ago about the excellent care my wife received at the Lodi Memorial Hospital Acute Rehab Unit. After she left Lodi Memorial she transferred to Fairmont Rehabilitation Hospital across the street. It too is an excellent facility.

After having a severe stroke on Feb. 2 my wife received excellent speech, occupational, and physical therapy at Fairmont. She also received excellent nursing care, and her overall condition continued to improve. Even though she is partially paralyzed on one side, she was taught how to walk again, and she is able to perform many of the tasks of daily living, that she couldn’t even begin to do previously. She was given all of the medication that was prescribed by her physician, and we were given a lot of excellent advice on how to take care of her at home.

Randy Tu is the administrator at Fairmont and he manages an excellent organization. I was told that no less than 27 different hospitals from throughout the region send patients to Fairmont for therapy to help them with their extended recovery because Fairmont has a physical therapy department with such a good reputation.

My wife is home now, and she still has a long way to go, but she is continuing to improve. And I want the Lodi community to know how fortunate they are to have such excellent medical facilities as Lodi Memorial and Fairmont.

Without such facilities, recovery from a catastrophic injury or illness would be much more difficult. So we should all be grateful that they are there, and that they are doing such a great job to help people from throughout the region. May God bless them always!

Karl Welsbacher


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