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Letter: Don't salt down water going into the Delta

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Posted: Sunday, July 16, 2017 2:30 pm

Editor: Without the flow of fresh water, salt water will have access to the Delta. Gov. Brown's commitment to wealthy corporate farmers down south will lead to the demise of fresh water to the towns along the Delta's banks that depend on it for survival.

What are these towns going to do? Truck in water from other areas not affected by the salt water? I am sure the cost would be more than they could bear. Why are politicians and judges so ready to throw the Central Valley under the bus knowing that this will happen?

Salt water has been slowly moving up the Delta ever since water has been funneled to wealthy corporate farmers and to Southern California under senior Governor Brown.

Now, are two 40-foot diameter tunnels — not replacing canals, but in addition — going to happen? Desalination plants are the only reliable source of water for Southern California, drought or not, and the need for water ever increasing.

Billions of dollars are about to be spent on the construction of these tunnels. The money would be better spent on building desalination plants. The increase in population, the increase in crop production all adding to shortages of water, and crops do not do well with salt water.

Ben Coleman