I read your recent story regarding the Herald Fire Department, and decided it might be worthwhile to attend their March meeting to learn firsthand the depth of the problems and issues facing the district. After observing the performance of district management at that meeting, I can confirm that there are very real issues with the management of this district that need to be addressed.

One specific example is illustrative: The fire chief and his management team clearly do not have any intention of providing information regarding the status of the volunteer roster, the training records of the remaining volunteers, or the current budget status to members of the board. Requests made by board members for this information and other documents that should be available and open to the public are routinely ignored, with apparent indifference by the board chair and her majority voting bloc.

After attending the meeting, I obtained written minutes from members of the community and discovered that this conduct, including mis-statements and outright fabrications by the fire chief, are a routine occurrence — as is the lack of disclosure regarding fire and training logs.

I can only hope that this type of conduct will eventually be addressed by a majority of the board, so that our once-proud fire department can again become a highly functioning and well-trained asset to our community. As of now, that is certainly not the case.

Lindsey Liebig


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