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Letter: Busybodies or concerned citizens?


Editor: I would like to say that Mr. Silva was correct in his recent letter when he commented on people not having a deep understanding of what people are going through. He obviously has no understanding of the sacrifices his neighbors have made in order to own their own homes or the investment they make into making theirs a good community.

Are they really busybodies or just concerned citizens trying to save their neighborhood from turning into a slum? Because, let’s face it, if the slums and ghettos were really so picturesque, everyone would want to live there rather than praying for a way to get out.

And, as for good neighbors, they’re still out there if you take the time to get to know them and maybe even ask them for help.

However, I have to wonder first whether there are no friends, family members, or church community to whom he could turn for help.

Furthermore, if finances are the problem, then perhaps he should think outside the box for a solution. Here’s a thought: sell one of your many vehicles (preferably the one parked in the front yard), buy a weed whacker, skip a shower once a week and use that 10 minutes to maintain your yard.

When I first moved here one of the many things I loved about this town was how well cared for people’s homes and property were with inviting sitting areas on the front porches. Weeds and cars parked in the front yard are hardly quaint and inviting. Obviously there are deeper issues other than just finances and time at play here.

I'm just saying that perhaps Mr. Silva should grow up and stop putting the blame on his neighbors who care about their community and accept responsibility for his actions.

Alisa Hollander