Editor: Imitation is the greatest form of flattery so I thank Mr. Maurer.

Ever since the 1960s I’ve debated the left’s descent into tyranny using specific examples of the ruling elites’ disdain for those they believe are below their class. To counter my arguments of the left’s “vitriol, ignorance, anger, and disinformation” he uses my exact same language. He holds up the Constitution and the Bill of Rights inferring the left holds these rights to be true and given to us by God as our founders proclaimed over and over again. Yet at every opportunity they have torn down these ideals doing their best to do away with our rights stated in the Bill of Rights and in 2012 tried desperately to do away with God in their political plank.

The book I referred to by Mr. Owens, “Liberalism or How to Turn Good Men into Whiners, Weenies and Wimps” was directed at “todays” liberals. But this disease of the spirit where everyone is a victim infects liberals of every race or political party. The liberal of my youth is foreign to present-day liberals.

The liberals of my day were closely akin to our founding documents while today’s liberal is more closely associated with Marx and Engle. Intolerant of independent thought outside the accepted beliefs of the “group think,” Our children have been indoctrinated into this mind-numbing philosophy and the proof is in what has happened to a once vibrant Democratic Party and higher academia that once fought for free speech and inclusion descending into anarchy with not one constructive belief to run on.

What do Democrats stand for? All I see is violence, intimidation, personal attacks. Mr.Maurer ends with my opinion “reminds (him) of the story about a mother attending her son’s graduation from Army boot camp who exclaimed: “oh look, my son is the only one in step.” That would be my ma but she would correct you and tell you her son is a United States Marine like his father before him of which she was most proud.

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