Lodi Unified School District administrators, you made a big mistake instituting a policy without student input. News-Sentinel reporter Ross Farrow asked Dawn Vetica great questions and she failed to answer them, in my opinion. Here are a few examples:

Question 1: Was there input from students, teachers, coaches or parents?

Answer: Administrators made the policy.

Question 2: Who investigates?

Answer: School administrators or school personnel.

Question 3: What about other students not involved in extracurricular activities?

Answer: It was never answered, she just talked around the subject and brought up another policy.

Question 4: How is it determined what is “inappropriate?”

Answer: School personnel.

Question 5: Are there plans to work with concerned students?

Answer: Meet with principals and present to board.

In her answers, the students, parents and teachers are never mentioned.

This is the top-down attitude of the current LUSD administration. Where are the students who are supposed to be the center of all that is done at LUSD?

Steve Hansen also commented that there is a chance of “capricious interpretation.” Oh, how true!

Please rethink your approach, LUSD administrators, and include your charges.

Linda Stiehr

Former Lodi Unified School District educator of 32 years

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