A key financial question for retirees is what to do with their hard-earned retirement savings. For example, some investors may find it more fulfilling to provide a college fund for grandchildren rather than purchase a second home for themselves. The opposite can also be true, and that’s okay.

Here we come, Stockton. The Lodi City Council recently approved a reimbursement agreement with the developers of the proposed Perrin Ranch housing project, destined to be built south of Harney Lane between Ham Lane and Mills Avenue.

The students at Little Methodist Preschool love their garbage man. Michelle Wisner reports that Waste Management empties dumpsters at the preschool every Monday morning. Most days the little tykes are on the playground when this happens, and are in awe of the truck and its driver Steve D. “W…

Last week, I discussed an energy force. It’s the phenomenon that theologian Paul Tillich called “God.” He defined this concept not as a supernatural person but as the “ground of all being.”

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