The garden started as a “mission” of the United Congregational Christian Church six years ago. We have put our vacant land to good use. Over the years we have expanded, and offered plots to others in the community who would like to tend their own garden. As a result, we have gained wonderful friends and learned a lot about the needs of our community.

A garden requires much preparation such as tilling and preparing the soil, adding nutrients and tending the weeds. Members and friends of the congregation have provided llama manure, wood stakes, plants and prayers.

The garden has received generous donations from Olsen and Associates, The United Congregational Christian Church, Marilyn Clemons and Weyerhaeuser, to mention a few. The donations are used for disking services, irrigation supplies and plants.

The produce is donated to the Salvation Army Food Bank, The Lodi Community Service Center and others in need. Thousands of pounds of produce have been delivered each year.

Due to the drought conditions, we have taken measures to significantly reduce our water usage while maintaining high yield. We have installed low flow drip tape and have employed wood chips and a biodegradable paper as a weed barrier. These methods also limit evaporation.

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