COVID-19 Update

CDC/ Alissa Eckert, MS; Dan Higgins, MAMS

  • 752 total confirmed cases in San Joaquin County, with 47 in Lodi. There have been 33 deaths. 586 have recovered. To view demographic data, visit
  • 1,272 cases in Sacramento County, including 13 in Galt, 2 in Isleton, and 222 in unincorporated county areas. There have been 56 deaths.
  • 13 cases in Calaveras County, with no deaths. All 13 have recovered.
  • 10 cases in Amador County, with no deaths. 8 have recovered.
  • 621 cases in Stanislaus County, with 28 deaths. 495  had recovered.
  • 2,708 cases in Alameda County, with 90 deaths.
  • 1,259 cases in Contra Costa County, with 36 deaths.
  • 90,102 cases in California, with 3,666 deaths.
  • 1,600,481 cases in the United States, with 95,921 deaths. 350,135 have recovered.
  • 5,205,900 cases worldwide, with 337,572 deaths. 2,054,125 have recovered.

Numbers reflect the total number of cases, deaths and recoveries throughout the pandemic, as reported by 5 p.m. Friday by official county websites and Johns Hopkins University. Data on recoveries is included when available. Only confirmed cases are included in this report.

Editor's note: COVID-19 by the numbers are reported each Monday and Friday. San Joaquin and Sacramento county numbers are reported daily in the print version of the Lodi News-Sentinel.

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