A segment of Church Street between Lodi Avenue and Lockeford Street will be reduced from four lanes to three, in an effort to expand bike lanes in Downtown Lodi.

Lodi’s Public Works Department is expecting to finalize the street design by this summer. Firouz Vohra, an engineer with the city, presented a detailed plan before the Lodi City Council during Tuesday’s shirtsleeve meeting at Carnegie Forum.

For months, Vohra has been compiling traffic and engineering data on North Church Street in order to configure a layout design.

A segment of North Church Street between Lodi Avenue and Lockeford Street will be reduced from two to one lane each way and include a center turn lane.

There will be designated bike lanes on both sides of the street, along with parking spaces. The bike lanes will provide a striped lane for one-way travel along the street. They will be 4 to 5 feet wide and will have accessible curb ramps at intersections.

Existing traffic signals will be modified to have separate left- or right-turn arrows and video detection systems for cyclists and motorists.

The city will also re-stripe the street and increase the street space for motor vehicles, as well as additional space for parking on either end of the street. Left turn lanes will be added at Lodi Avenue and Lockeford Street, according to Vohra.

“By having the turn lanes we will reduce the amount of traffic and the number of collisions on Lodi Avenue and Church Street,” he said. “We ran a traffic simulation model and produced a model of what the traffic would look like during peak hours, and we found that the designated turns reduced road congestion, which would reduce collisions on those streets.”

Data simulated during the study also found that travel time on Church Street was reduced by two minutes.

While the bike lane expansion is projected to cost $1.6 million, $1.46 million will come from Measure K funding. The measure is a half-cent sales tax originally passed in 1980 to fund transportation improvements in San Joaquin County.

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