COVID-19 Update

CDC/ Alissa Eckert, MS; Dan Higgins, MAMS

City of Lodi wants to remind local restaurants that they are allowed to be open, but only for curbside takeout and delivery.

Jeff Hood, the city’s public information officer, said staff had received calls from residents stating some eateries were setting up tables outside to accommodate diners.

Two of those establishments, he said, were the Village Coffee Shop and the Richmaid Restaurant.

Julie Jette, co-owner of the Village Coffee Shop, said on Friday afternoon she was confused as to how restaurants were allowed to serve their customers.

“I’m not doing (patio dining),” she said. “I thought we were allowed to, and I called the police department to make sure I could. They told me they would notify me when we would be allowed to.”

Jette said finding the rules detailing what businesses can and can’t do has been daunting.

Janet and Gary Crow, owners of the Richmaid Restaurant, were unavailable for comment.

The third page of the most recent stay-at-home order posted by San Joaquin County Public Health Services states “All in-dining restaurants shall cease. Restaurants may continue to provide home delivery and takeout.”

The stay-at-home order, with rules and guidelines for all businesses, can be found online at

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