As a mother of five boys, Jade Watts has been faced with the difficulties of balancing work with getting her children where they need to be. When she worked a full-time job, she would have to use her lunch break to pick up her children and would end up hungry until she got off work.

In an effort to help parents juggle their busy work schedules with transporting their children to and from school and extra-curricular activities, Watts has started a car-riding service for children called WeeBee’s Transportation.

“It’s really just to help parents out and make their life a little bit easier,” Watts said. “It’s a good, safe reliable way for your kids to get where they need to go.”

Parents can contact Watts either by text, phone, Facebook Messenger or email, and tell her where their child needs to be picked up and what time. Parents will also need to include what school their children attend, what time school starts, what time school ends and where they need to be dropped off.

Once that information is submitted, Watts will send parents a confirmation that she is available for pick-up or drop-off. Watts has WeeBee's decal on her side windows for the kids to look for so they don’t get into the wrong car.

After the child has been dropped off at their destination, she will send parents a notification text. If the child is being dropped of at a residence, parents will have to provide the address when booking along with who will be there with the child, so Watts won’t be dropping off a child at home alone.

On the afternoon drives, Watts offers water and a small snack to the children, who can watch a kid-friendly movie during the drive.

“I want to take the stress off of the parents having to leave work or who can’t leave, or those with little ones at home who are napping or sick and they can’t get their older kids,” Watts said. “I would have liked something like that because my children range in age.”

Now that she has started the service, Watts is able to balance her work and taking her children to school. She just started the business two weeks ago and has already managed to secure three clients.

She has five siblings she drops off in the morning before her children have to be at school. Once she drops them off she is able to pick up her children and drop them off, and she is able to pick up the other children while her children are in school.

The children range from preschool age to high school students. Watts covers schools in the Lodi and Stockton area.

“I go wherever the parents need me to go,” Watts said.

Watts charges $10 per ride for one-time pick-ups and $7 for reoccurring rides. For children with siblings, the cost is $5 for each additional child. There is also a charge of $1 per mile for trips more than six miles. Watts accepts cash as well as payments through the Cash app, Venmo and PayPal.

Watts’ business has received positive feedback and her clients are pleased with the service.

Jeanette Mendoza said she and her husband are unable to take their children to school because he has to commute to Oakland for work and she is a nursing student and starts at 6:30 a.m.

“It was an absolute necessity,” Mendoza said. “It has been phenomenal. She gets to my house at 6:45 a.m. loads up my 3-year-old twins, takes all five of my kids to school. She texts me when she gets to the house and then she texts me when all the kids are dropped off. She provides a snack and has a TV so they can watch movies. It’s just been so great.”

According to Mendoza, her children look forward to going with Watts in the mornings.

With the business just getting started, Watts said the biggest challenge is getting parents to trust her.

“A child is the most important thing in your life. That’s their world,” she sad. “That’s their everything, so I think that’s the biggest challenge, just getting people to realize I’m there for them. You can rust me with your baby.”

Watts has been trying to reach out and meet parents in an effort to make them feel more comfortable with using the service. She offers her driving and criminal records upon request and is fingerprinted through the Lodi Unified School District.

In the future, Watts hopes to expand her business and get more drivers so she can assist more parents and expand the service to Elk Grove.

For more information on WeeBee’s or to book a ride email Watt at,

Text or call her at 209-479-4651 or message @weebeestransportation on Facebook Messenger.

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