The Lodi Planning Commission will meet today discuss the Lake House Project’s environmental impact study.

“The purpose of this segment of the agenda is to get feedback about the impact study. We are not holding a public hearing about the project itself,” Lodi City Planner Craig Hoffman said.

The report — regarding the proposed Lake House Project on the corner of West Turner and Lower Sacramento roads — is out for public review and comment until March 21.

Plans call for the 8.8-acre property, located across the street from the old General Mills plant, to be developed into a boutique hotel and spa.

“The impact report will examine many factors of the property, but there are three specific factors that will draw more scrutiny: noise, traffic, and the culture of the area,” Hoffman said.

The hotel is expected to be a high-end project that could cost upwards of $50 million to develop. The architect of the project, John Vierra, has drawn up the concept design documents for Sylvia Hung, the property owner and project developer.

Plans calls for a 92-room hotel, a restaurant with room to seat 70 guests, a spa, a 240-guest banquet room and 18,500 feet of retail property.

There are also plans to develop a residential apartment building with 150 units.

“This project could change the culture of this area. There has not been a residential property on this parcel since the 1920s,” Hoffman said.

Tonight’s meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. at Carnegie Forum, 307 W. Pine St., Lodi.

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