An 18-year-old Lodi man died in a single motorcycle crash on Harney Lane and Crown Place, according to Sgt. Mike Manetti of the Lodi Police Department.

The victim was identified late Monday by sheriff’s officials as Jered Robert Senecal, 18, of Lodi.

Police were dispatched to the scene at 1:19 p.m. Saturday, where they found the young man dead, Manetti said.

Parts of a Yamaha bike were strewn about Harney Lane, with several pieces of the headlights near the stone Madison Place sign, he said. Chunks of brick were missing from one corner of that sign.

Pieces of the bike had traveled several yards with a tire resting far into the field across the street.

No other vehicles or individuals appeared to be involved in the accident, Manetti said, although police were continuing to investigate the scene almost four hours after the incident.

Lt. Sierra Brucia said Monday that speed is a suspected factor in the crash, though it is not known if it is the primary factor. He said the investigation could take several weeks or longer.

Friends of Jered Senecal visited the memorial Monday afternoon at the site where he died, their young faces solemn and their heads hung low.

But smiles also lit up their faces intermettenly as they laughed and remembered him for the jokester they described. “I’ll never forget the night I met him,” said Lodi High School senior Christina Hinkle. “I laughed so hard that night. He kept kicking me and making me laugh. I’d never met anyone like him … he was one of a kind.”

Known to his friends as “Spanky,” he was never without his red high-top Converse tennies. Kayla Watt, 20, described him as “the cutest thing.”

“He had huge lips and braces that made his lips even bigger and gave him the most adorable lisp, which we always teased him about.” She added that, “he was the nicest person I’ve ever met. You can see by the way so many have reacted what an impact he made. He would have never hurt anyone.”

Friends said he was on independent study after previously attending Lodi High.

Danielle Warren, a junior at Rio Valley High School, and Jered met when her family moved in next door to his when she was 7 and had been friends ever since.

“You won’t find anyone who has anything bad to say about him. He was literally the nicest person you’ll ever meet. He was always smiling and making you laugh,” Danielle remembered.

“He would text Danielle every night and say`sleep with the angels,’” said Danielle’s mother, Heidi Warren. Adding that her daughter was planning to get a tattoo of “sleep with the angels” in remembrance of him.

Late in the day Jered’s best friend, Jose Delo-Cortez, 18, a Liberty High School graduate, showed up for the second time.

“I’d known him for awhile but we got really close this year from hanging out so much and messing around. We’d go to the gym together, we called each other names but he’d also tell me he loved me. He was like a brother,” said Delo-Cortez.

Delo-Cortez says he is buying a motorcycle and plans to start riding. He then turned his back to display the t-shirts his friends had made that read “We Ride for 'Spanky'” across the back. “We’re starting a motorcycle club,” he said, “and we’re all going to go out and ride in memory of him.”

Friends have also joined to create a page and have created bumper stickers.

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