Galt seeks to balance population and job growth by annexing land

A map of the 230-acre Industrial Park Expansion Area recently annexed by the City of Galt.

Looking to keep up with an increase in homes being built, the City of Galt recently annexed the 230-acre Industrial Park Expansion Area.

“We have a lot of residential growth at this time, so we try to balance that out with some industrial uses,” Chris Erias, Galt’s community development director, said on Thursday.

According to a Tuesday press release, the 230-acre area is bordered by Spring Street to the north, Live Oak Avenue to the south, Highway 99 to the east and the Union Pacific Railroad tracks to the west.

Given its proximity to both Highway 99 and the Union Pacific Railroad tracks, Erias said the industrial park could serve as a valuable transportation hub for many industries, especially warehouses and light manufacturing.

“We’re an equal distance between Sacramento and Stockton, and an equal distance between Elk Grove and Lodi, so it’s a good spot for distribution,” Erias said.

Of the 230 acres in the annexation area, 108 acres are being marketed for sale.

“The availability of this 108-acre site could be an incredible opportunity for the city to attract a large-scale industrial developer,” City Manager Eugene Palazzo said in the press release. “Our primary focus with the annexation was to provide industrial land available for development, and bring in businesses to create jobs for our residents.”

While most of the land north of Live Oak Avenue is now zoned for light industrial uses, the area immediately south of Spring Street is now zoned for office-type uses.

The first new offices will likely be built near the California FFA Association office on Stockton Boulevard, Erias said, and more would be built westward toward the railroad track to serve as a sound barrier between the industrial area and several rural homes to the north of the industrial park.

“They’re typically larger homes on larger parcels,” Erias said.

Galt’s plans for expansion do not end with this annexation, however, as Erias said the city hopes to have a full Highway 99 interchange at Walnut Avenue sometime in the future.

“That would be pretty good for connectivity, and bringing residents to the jobs,” Erias said.

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