A pair of veteran San Joaquin Sheriff deputies had a routine training flight go awry on Thursday evening.

The two deputies took off from Stockton Metropolitan Airport, and experienced engine trouble soon after taking to the air. After losing power, the pilots set the plane down for an emergency landing in a field alongside the 1000 block of Performance Drive, just to the west of the airport.

The plane crashed through a chain-linked fence and into a parked trailer. The deputies walked away with no apparent injuries, according to public affairs officer Andrea Lopez.

“At approximately 6:15 p.m., our dispatch center received a call that there was a plane crash near the 1000 block of Performance Drive in Stockton,” Lopez said. “Later we found out it was two of our own veteran deputies who were training.”

The single-engine plane, a Cessna 206H manufactured in 1999 with a Lycoming 6-cylinder engine, narrowly avoided several industrial buildings in the area.

“We heard that the plane was sputtering over a building, and you can see the tire tracks in the field,” Lopez said. “We are so grateful that this is all property damage with a fence, a trailer and the plane. That is all replaceable, but our deputies are not. They appear to be uninjured.”

Lopez said the plane is used for general aerial assistance for department operations. She added that the incident has been reported to the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board for further investigation.

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