Good Samaritans and volunteers from Animal Friends Connection have come together to assist six puppies in their recovery after they were viciously tossed into a river this past weekend.

Lodi resident Nancy Roberds said earlier this week she was out for a walk when see came across a lady who was walking down the street with six puppies. The lady, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Roberds that she was driving with her friend when someone in the car in front of them tossed a bag over a rail and into the river. She declined to divulge the location.

The lady said she had a bad feeling about what had transpired and decided to pull over and investigate what was in the bag.

When she got down to the river she discovered six helpless puppies drowning in the water. The lady immediately jumped into the water and attempted to save the puppies, nearly drowning herself. The water flows were moving so fast that her friend had to rescue both her and the puppies from the water.

One of the puppies had stopped breathing but the lady was able to resuscitate it with CPR. After rescuing the animals from the river the lady took them home. She shared with Roberds that she could not afford to take care of the puppies and was looking for a place to take them.

Roberds reached out to Animal Friends Connection, and volunteer Anna Charlesworth began fostering the puppies.

According to Charlesworth, the puppies are doing really well. She plans to take the puppies to see the vet for a check-up.

“Nobody is sick, everybody is eating and eliminating properly, so they’re doing really good,” she said.

Surprisingly, the puppy that had to be resuscitated is the most lively of the group, Charlesworth said.

“These were healthy puppies,” she said. “These were just puppies that somebody just didn’t want.”

The puppies came from two different litters with two of the dogs about six weeks old and the others about four or five weeks, Charlesworth said. The younger puppies are Chihuahuas and the older two are Chiweenies.

Animal Friends Connections President Patricia Sherman said that they will be taking care of any medical care the puppies may need and will be finding them homes. Currently, the puppies are too young for adoption and still need to be vaccinated, spayed or neutered, Sherman said. However, interested parties are still welcome to submit applications and interview for the puppies. If they are selected, the puppies wouldn’t be released to them until all the medical checks are completed.

As soon as the puppies are old enough, Sherman said they will be posted on the Animal Friends Connection website for adoption at For those seeking additional information on the puppies, call 209-365-0535.

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