STOCKTON — This week was the first week employees and visitors to the San Joaquin County administration building in Stockton were subject to increased security measures, and county officials said the transition has been smooth.

Marcia Cunningham, general services director for the county, said the implementation of new security procedures for entering the building at 44 N. San Joaquin St. in Stockton were not sparked by an emergency incident.

“We are always reassessing security in the building,” Cunningham said Thursday. “We have more than 300 employees in the building, public meetings are held there several times a month. We just looked at the idea of adding security to help employees and the public feel more at ease.”

All people entering the building will be required to walk through a metal detector and place items such as purses and backpacks in a tray for x-ray screening. Coats and jackets must also be placed in trays for screenings.

Employees and visitors must also empty their pockets and place those items in a tray for screening as well.

Cunningham said adding security checkpoints to county facilities is nothing new, citing Alameda, Fresno, Humboldt, Kern and Orange counties have all adopted similar measures at their main administration buildings.

These kinds of security measures are already at San Joaquin County’s Human Services building located at 102 S. San Joaquin St., as well as at San Joaquin County Superior Court locations, including the Lodi courthouse at 217 W. Elm St.

Cunningham said many county employees have said they feel more at ease with the measures now in place.

“It was a very smooth transition,” she said. “People had a lot of time to prepare for the change. We sent out FAQs to staff and put up signs all over the building to let people know what was coming.”

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