A dead deer in the Lodi Lake nature area led to a flurry of speculation on social media last week. On Monday, a Lodi Parks and Recreation official posted on Facebook that the fawn was killed by another animal, possibly a loose dog, according to the statement.

“We don’t know for sure, but the Fish and Wildlife warden indicated it was another animal that killed the fawn,” City of Lodi spokesman Jeff Hood said. He described the fawn as very small, perhaps a newborn, and said it was killed by another animal or died from natural causes.

“It’s not uncommon that deer die in the nature area,” Hood added, noting that a few years ago some deer in the area died of a virus that sometimes passes through the deer population.

Hood said an official from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife advised city staff to bury the animal. After the deer was buried it was dug up by other animals and was later seen in a different area of the park, leading some to believe there were two dead fawns.

Hood said if park guests see people bringing their dogs to the nature area, they can call the police or the parks and rec office. He said they will try to respond as soon as possible with their limited resources, adding that the fine for having a dog in the nature area is $500.

“Please be considerate of others and the wildlife in the area,” Hood said. “There are about five ‘no dogs allowed’ signs posted, but some people feel rules don’t apply to them.”

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