As Lodi resident Price Burlington rides his bike from California to Pennsylvania, he will wear a jersey that reads “Team Carson,” in honor of his late son, who was killed in an accident in 2017.

Carson Burlington, 29, died in a motor vehicle crash in Placerville on Sept. 7, 2017. Carson had an adventurous spirit and a love for outdoor adventures. He liked to snowboard and compete in Spartan Races with his father.

“Carson was a good person. He had a big heart and was a caring person, who would do anything to help his friends,” Price Burlington said. “When Carson’s friend, Travis, got into an accident that left him a quadriplegic, Carson was the first to fly out to New Orleans to be with him.”

In an effort to persevere his memory, the Burlington family teamed with the organization High Fives to honor Carson and keep his spirit alive.

High Fives is a nonprofit based out of Truckee by Roy Tuscany, who founded the organization in an effort to support the dreams of athletes who were injured. The organization helps raise awareness about injury prevention, providing resources to athletes who suffered life-altering injuries.

“We heard about the organization from my son, Keaton, whose roommate at Cal Poly was a High Fives athlete,” Burlington said.

After speaking with Roy Tuscany — the founder of the organization — Burlington knew he wanted to work with the organization and pursue fundraising efforts with it.

“Once we decided to work with them, we formed ‘Team Carson’ and held our first fundraiser — Epic Day Shredding the Gnar with Carson — at Squaw Valley on Dec. 29 for Carson’s birthday,” Burlington said.

The course for the bike ride was conceptualized by Burlington, and he coined the name for the course — High Fives Across America, as well.

“I knew I wanted to do something that would generate more awareness and funds for Team Carson and High Fives, and that’s where the idea for High Fives Across America came from,” Burlington said.

The bike ride will begin on June 2 from Lodi to San Ramon. Once in San Ramon, he will ride directly to Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. The course was designed to end at his company’s headquarters there.

Burlington hopes to complete the journey in two months time, ending the ride on Aug. 4. He has paced out the journey with the intention of riding 70 miles a day, six days a week and taking Sundays off to rest.

“My wife, Joretta, and golden retriever, Bailey, will shadow me in a motor home, and we will drive back to together to California,” Burlington said.

The motor home will be designed by High Fives and display the logo all over the sides.

“We will be taking our motor home to Truckee and their graphics team will deck it all out,” Burlington said.

As Burlington prepares for the trek, he admits he is both nervous and excited.

“I kept going back and forth with the idea of doing such a long ride. But on my 60th birthday I committed to the idea of doing the ride,” Burlington said.

Burlington has done long bike rides before, reaching 100 miles at a time but has never done a long-distance journey. In order to prepare for the journey, he hired a professional cycling coach, who helped him train and build up his stamina.

Since Burlington works in the Bay Area, he splits his time between Lodi and Palo Alto and works with a trainer, and on his own.

“My trainer was an ex-professional bike racer. We have trained together for about 8 months, and I have trained on my own with a peloton bike,” Burlington said.

As Burlington rides across the country, he will track his journey online through a website he is creating that will allow people to view live updates of his progress.

“We are still building the site, but it will go live in the next week,” Burlington said.

The website will feature the Team Carson story and allow people to donate to High Fives. For Burlington, the fundraising goal for the HFAA is to raise $50,000.

“We already raised almost $10,000, but we will be hosting a fundraiser at Scotto’s on May 25 to help get the word out,” Burlington said.

The fundraiser at Scotto’s Wine and Cider at 14 S. School Street in Lodi, will be held on Saturday, May 25, from 7 to 9 p.m.

To learn more about High Fives, you can find them at highfives and to donate to Team Carson you can log onto http://price., to follow team Carson for fundraising events and updates follow their Instagram handle at and on Facebook at

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