Doctors Param Gill and Jasbir Gill have unveiled plans for a new medical center just south of Lodi that would specialize in women’s health care. The center would provide labor, delivery and surgery services to women throughout the region.

If approved by San Joaquin County, the Gill Women’s Medical Center project will be developed over two phases on approximately 35 acres of land located east of West Lane just north of Eight Mile Road.

The project would be completed in two phases. The first phase includes a 36,000-square-foot, single-story, state-of-the-art women’s labor and delivery facility. The second phase features a 28,000-square-foot medical office building, a 140,000-square-foot, 100-bed hospital, a full-service emergency heliport landing area, and 6,000 square feet of physical plant buildings.

“The timeline to complete the birthing center could be 16 to 18 months, depending on when permits get approved,” said Jasbir Gill, who has practiced in Lodi since 1977. His wife, Param, joined him at their Lodi practice, Gill Obstetrics & Gynecology, in 1984.

In late 2019, the Gills submitted the initial project application for their proposed center to the San Joaquin County Community Development Department.

The center will focus on providing women with an alternative birthing center that offers patients birthing suites and space for water births, Param Gill said.

“We noticed patients were leaving our area to cities that offered them these (alternative) services, and we decided to build a center that fit the needs of our underserved communities. This new medical center is meant to complement the needs of the community with a full spectrum of services,” Param Gill said.

The couple began interviewing their patients to get a sense of what services they were looking for, and what changes in health care could ease the birthing process for women in labor. In recent years, they noticing a demand for alternative birthing options.

Creating an optimal birthing environment is crucial for expectant mothers, Param Gill said, because when women feel more serene and tranquil while giving birth, it increases the amount of endorphins their body produces and reduces the amount of pain medication that is used during an epidural.

“We have been providing medical services in this community for over 40 years, and we believe in providing our patients with the best quality of care — and that includes keeping up with medical advancements and trends. That has always been our philosophy,” Param Gill said.

Since opening their practice in 1984, the Gills have worked to earn the respect of their patients and the community. The couple’s practice has received regional awards and recognition, and their practice is now the largest OB/GYN medical group in the county, with offices in Stockton, Lodi and Manteca.

“This project represents a continuation of our lifelong passion to provide cutting-edge women’s health care and vitally important medical services to the area in a serene setting,” Jasbir said. “This will allow us the freedom to make decisions that best serve the women in our community.”

The county is currently preparing an environmental impact report for the project. County officials will receive comments on the project through Feb. 14.

Once the report is complete, the county will circulate that document for public comment and review for a period of 45 days. A final EIR will be prepared based on the comments received during the comment period.

The project will then be considered at public hearings before the San Joaquin County Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors before receiving final approval.

“If everything gets approved by the county, our goal is to have the clinic completed by 2022,” Jasbir Gill said.

Even if they receive approval from the county, Gill Obstetrics & Gynecology will continue to offer patients prenatal and postpartum care, Paramsaid.

“Pregnancy and labor are beautiful, life-changing events, and we are excited to provide a facility that allows women to choose to go through a natural, non-interventional process,” she said. “It means so much to us, and we feel an obligation to leave a legacy that ensures high-quality health care is available to all women.”

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