Although Lodians will likely see sunny skies throughout this week, daytime temperatures will be in the 50s every day, according to Brett Rossio, a meteorologist with the private weather forecasting service AccuWeather.

“Despite the sunshine, you’re still going to have some low temperatures,” he said.

Rain appears unlikely this week, Rossio said on Monday, but temperatures will drop to below-freezing levels at night.

“I definitely suggest bundling up, especially if you’re not used to those temperatures,” he said.

Arthur Duivenvoorde, manager of Hollandutch Nursery on North Davis Road in Lodi, said people should bring their outdoor plants inside whenever temperatures reach 32 degrees or lower.

“Whatever you can move in, move in,” he said.

Duivenvoorde also advised people to cover plants that cannot be brought inside — such as citrus trees, which he said are the most vulnerable to the cold — with a frost cloth or other type of sheeting.

“Make sure you don’t use plastic when you’re covering plants, because that’ll take the moisture out,” Duivenvoorde said. “There’s also a cloud cover spray that makes, like, a waxy coating.”

While he cautioned against over-watering, Duivenvoorde said it is important to keep plants hydrated.

“Other than that, just keep watching the weather to see if you need to cover stuff or not,” he said.


at a glance

Brian Rossio, a meteorologist with the private weather forecasting service AccuWeather, gave the following temperature predictions for Lodi.

• Tuesday: High of 52 during the day, low of 29 at night.

• Wednesday: High of 53, low of 31.

• Thursday: High of 54, low of 33.

• Friday: High of 56, low of 35.

• Saturday: High of 55, low of 41.

• Sunday: High of 52, low of 38.

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