After developing Insideout Wash — a car cleaning service, Lodi natives and entrepreneurs Raven Roman and her business partner Angelina De La Cruz moved to San Diego to test their luck in a new market.

The move was prompted by an effort to franchise their idea and test a new demographic, according to Roman.

“I figured I am young, and if there is a time to take a risk now is the time,” Roman said.

Insideout Wash is an eco-friendly way to wash your car with only a cup of water. It uses a nano polymer solution, which allows them to clean the car without damaging the paint.

The process takes between 30 minutes to an hour depending on the size of a vehicle and the services purchased, which include an interior wash and detailing.

Following the move, Insideout Wash has gained local notoriety and has allowed the women to franchise their concept and turn it into an entrepreneurial endeavor for residents of San Diego.

“It is similar to Uber, the rideshare service. People contact us through social media and after interviewing interested participants we give them an Insideout Wash Box and they can work from their own car,” Roman said.

People interested in working with Insideout Wash are given marketing tools and the supplies to become their own boss, according to Roman.

“We offer people the freedom and flexibility to become entrepreneurs,” Roman said.

After a few months in San Diego, Insideout Wash has generated a lot of interest from residents in the region wanting to learn more about the eco-friendly car washing method.

“We are out by the beach, which serves as a good backdrop to our mission because people out here are conscious about water usage and like the idea of a car wash that conserves water,” Roman said.

Being in a larger market, Insideout Wash has gained major traction and helped the women establish a large clientele, which led them to explore franchising their business.

“We are not looking at licensing deals at the moment but we are working to get the word out, and who knows what the future holds,” Roman said.

To learn more about Insideout Wash, or to become a franchisee call Roman at 209-224-1732, or message them on their Instagram at or on Facebook at

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