Sandwiched on the corner of Lodi Avenue and Sacramento Street is a bright green truck that offers crab cakes as a regular menu item and fries that the owners say are so good, on a scale of one to 10, they are an 11.

A Moveable Feast, with all its bold coloring, really sticks out to passers-by traveling east and west through Lodi, and it is the newest addition to the “food truck” craze that has hit citywide.

But the beauty of their business, owner Doug Seed said, is that of the 22 trucks that sit throughout Lodi, A Moveable Feast is the only one that does not serve tacos.

Be it a cajun shrimp sandwich or a Caesar salad sandwich — complete with a crouton bun — the food truck is a quirky, on-the-go eatery that the Seed family is hoping will satisfy anyone’s appetite.

The brainchild of patriarch Doug Seed and his two sons, Davey Seed and Sam Seed, who run the daily operation, the Seeds describe their business as a gourmet sandwich stop with french fries people can customize according to their taste buds’ desires.

People can choose from an array of sauces, be it cajun for those who like spicy, or bleu cheese for those who like a rich flavor, to top their fries or spread on their sandwiches.

“We are growing by the day,” Doug Seed said. “And as long as people tell us the food is good, then I would say we’re a success.”

Good-tasting food is something the Seed family prides itself on.

Prior to the food truck business, the Seed family ran a catering business out of Doug Seed’s home in Morada, called Morada Eats, which is still in business.

With their love of food and love of service, they embarked on a new business venture — the food truck. They created a list of menu options for the truck roughly three months ago at a tasting party at Doug Seed’s Morada home.

Family and friends provided feedback, and the Seed father and sons tweaked their recipes to create their current sandwich options.

Along with the unique and tasty menu, the Seed family also customized an eye-catching mobile truck that features quotes scattered across its surface that relate to food.

From Bible versus to a famous Julia Child musing, customers get to read and enjoy what others throughout history have thought about food while they wait for their meal.

Also on the truck is a portrait of Ernest Hemingway — a small tribute to the famous American author whose collection of memoirs, “A Moveable Feast,” inspired the name of the business.

Behind the counter, brothers Davey and Sam Seed take their moveable feast to heart — they personally create each sandwich for each customer to ensure its quality.

Davey Seed, a Lodi resident, said he is looking forward to having people try everything the menu has to offer, be it the steak sandwich or their No. 11 french fries, which he said are quickly rising in popularity.

“While I love eating, my favorite part of cooking is hearing how much people like my cooking,” he said. “It is so rewarding to have (customers) come back and say they liked what we had to offer.”

Shannon Fortner, an employee at Henderson Brothers, said she and her co-workers frequent the food truck almost every day.

“My personal favorite is the steak sandwich,” she said. “And let me tell you, it is just delicious.”

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