If all goes well, it looks like Lodi will be in the movies once again.

And if you ever see a movie called "Flesh Trauma" and find a scene that looks like the interior of the Water Hole, that's because it is the Water Hole, a small bar on Cluff Avenue at Victor Road.

"I love it; it's my kind of bar," said Josh Pierson, the film's director and writer, who is based in Sacramento.

So how did the movie end up being filmed in Lodi's industrial area? Easy, when the producer, Geoff Foley, is one of the founders of The Zombie Club and held the club's executive committee meetings at the Water Hole.

Foley, who lives in Sacramento, and Tom Presler, from Lodi, founded The Zombie Club after a successful zombie walk last October. Presler was an extra drinking a mug of beer during filming.

"Flesh Trauma" is about the end of the world through four points of view, Foley said. The film has nothing to do about rumors that the world would end on May 21. Three of the short stories come from author Michael Laimo, who wrote the novel, "Dark Ride," and Pierson write the fourth story.

The Water Hole was used for — what else? — a bar scene in which actresses Lani O'Brien and Patricia Nikole portray bartenders, which was shot late Sunday afternoon and evening. The rest of the movie will be shot in Sacramento and possibly El Dorado County, Foley said.

O'Brien said her character survives throughout the film.

"I am alive — yeah," O'Brien said during a break in the filming. "I play a relocated character. She's re-establishing herself."

Foley and Pierson said they hope to complete filming by August, then spend time in the editing process. They are optimistic about landing a deal with a company that will make the movie available on DVD by late October or early November.

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