COVID-19 Update

CDC/ Alissa Eckert, MS; Dan Higgins, MAMS

  • 11,483 total confirmed cases in San Joaquin County. There have been 168 deaths. 225 patients are currently hospitalized with COVID-19, including 79 in intensive care. 10,172 are considered "recovered" (see note below). Of the total cases, 834 are in the 95240 ZIP code and 270 are in the 95242 ZIP code, which include Lodi; 50 are in the 95258 ZIP code, which includes Woodbridge; 86 are in the 95220 ZIP code, which includes Acampo; 35 are in the 95237 ZIP code, which includes Lockeford; 7 are in the 95686 ZIP code, which includes Thornton; and 8 are in the 95632 ZIP code, which includes part of Galt.
  • 9,820 cases in Sacramento County. There have been 133 deaths, including 4 in Galt. 281 patients are currently hospitalized, including 91 in intensive care. 6,410 have "likely recovered." Of the total cases, 383 are within Galt city limits, 26 are in Isleton and 1,216 are in unincorporated county areas.
  • 125 cases in Calaveras County, with 1 death. 96 have recovered.
  • 115 cases in Amador County, with no deaths. 69 have been released from isolation. 4 are currently hospitalized.
  • 8,890 cases in Stanislaus County, with 104 deaths. 7,742 have recovered.
  • 11,131 cases in Alameda County, with 182 deaths. 213 are currently hospitalized.
  • 7,670 cases in Contra Costa County, with 119 deaths. 110 are currently hospitalized.
  • 493,588 cases in California, with 9,005 deaths. 
  • 4,556,232 cases in the United States, with 153,268 deaths. 1,438,160 have recovered.
  • 17,497,354 cases worldwide, with 677,279 deaths. 10,257,964 have recovered.

Numbers reflect the total number of confirmed cases and deaths throughout the pandemic, as reported by 5:30 p.m. Friday by official county and state websites and Johns Hopkins University.

Editor's note: San Joaquin County has changed the definition of “recovered” to include: symptomatic — at least 14 days have passed since symptoms first appeared; asymptomatic — at least 14 days since first positive COVID-19 test. Patients who are still hospitalized are not being counted as “recovered.” It is unclear whether patients with continuing symptoms but who are not hospitalized are being counted among the “recovered.”


COVID-19 by the numbers are reported each Monday and Friday. San Joaquin and Sacramento county numbers are reported daily in the print version of the Lodi News-Sentinel.

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