A month after the City of Lodi discovered a “significant computer system incident” that affected the city’s telephones and caused delays in processing utility bills, everything is nearly back to normal.

“All issues have been resolved to the point where customer service to the public is no longer affected,” said city spokesman Jeff Hood.

The remaining voicemail and telephone issues — along with some internal access issues — should be resolved by the end of the week, Hood said.

The city hired an outside computer firm to help resolve the issues, Hood said, although the final cost is not yet known.

Although the city has some ideas as to what may have caused the issues, Hood said he was not at liberty to discuss them. He added that there is no reason to believe that anyone’s personal information was exposed.

“We apologize to the public for any inconvenience,” Hood said. “We’re taking corrective action to reduce the likelihood of this ever happening again.”

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