Galant mirrors are secured to the wall in a deliberate design as bright furniture fronts esoteric pops of art carefully placed by boutique owner Angel Ra, who runs the recently opened Angel Ra shop in Downtown Lodi.

“Each piece is curated with the intention that no other shop would have it.” Ra said of her meticulous layout.

Items from around the globe fill the racks and the walls in an elaborate plan to spotlight each piece's purpose.

A hand-carved wooden chest from Africa sits in the boutique, as crocheted jewelry, handcrafted by artisans in Brazil, demand the gaze of those that wander into the shop.

“This is a lifestyle store, it is a place built by passion. It’s where genuine interaction between people and art takes place,” Ra said.

What started as a passion project has turned into a dream come true, according to Ra. Her entire inventory is built on what she herself would purchase, including organic soy candles made by candle makers in Northern California.

Everything from plants to home décor and anything in between can be found at the boutique, according to Ra, who handpicks sustainable products that are ethically sourced and sustainable.

“Consumers have changed, and shopping habits have evolved. People are more mindful of what they are buying,” she said.

The joy of finding quality products to showcase in her boutique keeps the passion flowing as she works on expand her inventory.

As she continues to establish her downtown business, Ra is carving out a space in the online frontier with a website in the works. Despite living in a technological age, Ra said a delayed site launch has not left her worried as she believes the aesthetic appeal of her store invites patrons to step inside and view the selection of items she offers.

“Downtown is a gem for antiques, but my shop has something more, it’s a different experience, there is an artistic reason for everything (inside),” Ra said.

As a lifestyle shop, Ra does not feel compelled to follow trends, instead focusing on offering unique and underrepresented pieces for any budget. Prices for items range from $10 to thousands.

“I try to find things that inspire me, and things that I love,” she said.

Ra added that she tries to find items that encourage people to find what they are passionate about.

Since opening on Nov. 1, Ra has hosted “Lyrical Lodi” on the first Friday of the month. Similar to an open mic night, members of the community are invited to perform slam poetry and beat poetry.

“I wanted to create a space where people could come in and feel like they were at home. People can literally come in have some tea and chill here,” she said.

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