The Lodi Police Department had a busy day on Wednesday, arresting four suspects for robbery and one for assault and felony vandalism.

After receiving a report of a robbery with a handgun on the 200 block of Poplar Street at approximately 1:15 p.m. Wednesday, officers noticed a vehicle matching the suspect description as they were on their way to the scene, according to a post on the department’s Facebook page.

Three passengers ran when officers stopped the vehicle, while the driver, 23-year-old Rafael Valdovinos, was detained.

The passengers, 19-year-old Cruz Tinajero, 18-year-old Emiliano Contreras and a 17-year-old male, were detained roughly a block away.

All were found to be involved in the robbery, and stolen property was located in the vehicle.

Valdovinos was arrested on suspicion of robbery, driving without a license and gang enhancements while the other three were arrested on suspicion of robbery, resisting arrest and gang enhancements.

Later that afternoon, Lodi police received multiple reports of a man chasing another man in the Lodi Memorial Park and Cemetery with a knife.

Joshua Williams, 27, had reportedly forced his way into the back door of a business on the 00 block of South Guild Avenue where he allegedly destroyed a bathroom, ripped lockers off of the wall and physically ripped a toilet out of the floor, causing flooding to the business.

The business owner’s husband had told Williams to leave several times when Williams reportedly assaulted the man. The man tried to escape, but Williams allegedly brought him back and continued assaulting him.

Employees from the business next door reportedly tried to intervene by physically restraining Williams, but Williams escaped and ran into the cemetery across the street where he stole a truck belonging to a landscaping company.

Employees from the landscaping company saw Williams steal the truck and chased him approximately two miles on East Pine Street before he crashed and completely severed a power pole. Two transformers exploded, causing multiple live high-voltage lines to fall to the ground.

Officers arrived on scene and arrested Williams on suspicion of assault, felony vandalism, breaking and entering and possession of narcotics.

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