New Lodi resident brings her career consulting firm to the area

Michelle Joy King is a recent Lodi transplant. She brought her career coaching business, Soul2Sole, to Lodi in the hopes of introducing the city and its surrounding wine country to her clients.

For those who wake up and contemplate wanting more out of a career, or those who want to move on to do something better, Michelle Joy King wants to be someone that can help you make that change.

King is a recent transplant to Lodi, and boasts 15 years as a consultant and coach helping people achieve personal and professional goals they set to better themselves.

On Saturday, she will be introducing herself and Soul2Sole consulting with a launch party — both virtual and in-person with a limited number of people in attendance to ensure social distancing — at her recently purchased home just north of Victor.

“Self care and growth is really what I teach, as well as female leadership,” King said. “I help people from all industries and in all kinds of positions, including start-ups, senior executives and CEOs. Not only do I help them reach their own potential, but I help them find recruits and opportunities to try to retain high-performing employees.”

Some of the people King has helped over the years have worked for major corporations like Kaiser Permanente and FedEx.

King’s new venture provides retreats for those looking for personal and professional development. She plans to hold about three retreats a month at the home she and her husband moved into just nine months ago.

Lodi wine country is the perfect location for clients, both existing and prospective, she said, as her property offers a great view of the Mokelumne River and surrounding nature, and the community provides a mix of rural and urban living.

“This is probably the most perfect place I could have chosen for my clients,” she said. “It’s the kind of place that is just very beautiful, you’re close to nature, but you’re also close to amenities like grocery stores, gift shops and excellent restaurants.”

Each retreat King hosts is about four days long, giving her the time she needs to help clients, as well as giving them time to experience Lodi.

She hopes the few days clients spend here will make them want to come back for multiple visits, or even move their operations to the area.

In the nine months she has been in town, King said, she has begun to acquaint herself with the Lodi community. She plans to form partnerships with the Lodi Chamber of Commerce and many of its members in an effort to not only help locals better themselves, but help them market themselves to attract new patrons and customers.

A Southern California native, King and her husband have been living in the Bay Area the past 15 years. She knew she wanted to move her consulting business to the wine country, and said she chose Lodi over appellations like Napa and Mendocino County to give her clients new experiences.

“Everyone knows Napa,” she said. “That’s what makes Lodi great. People can come here and discover Lodi. We were actually looking to buy a house in Valley Springs, and driving through, I just fell in love with Lodi. My friends had told me about it, and I love Lodi wines, and speaking with people in the area, they were just so friendly and accommodating. I just felt this was the perfect place for what I wanted to do.”

Not only does King offer multiple monthly retreats, she provides one-on-one coaching sessions. To learn more, visit www.soul

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