On Sunday afternoon, the World of Wonders Science Museum was abuzz with activity. Children walked quickly between exhibits and experiments, gasping and laughing with excitement as their parents helped them figure out how they worked.

Volunteers manned special stations and wandered the museum to keep everything working smoothly.

“It has been crazy, but a good crazy,” employee Jordan Nance said as she checked in visitors at the entrance with Kaila Craig.

The pair estimated about a thousand visitors had stopped by on Sunday for the World of Wonders’ 10th birthday party. Many of the visitors came from Sacramento, Stockton and beyond.

Sally Snyde, the museum’s president, was also greeting visitors and checking in to make sure groups were having a good time.

“We want to give back to the community and say thanks,” she said, noting that the World of Wonders was entirely funded through donations.

The museum is now working on expanding across Sacramento Street, to make room for even more exhibits and excitement.

Michael David Winery has pledged a matching grant of up to $50,000 toward the expansion, Snyde said. If the museum can raise $50,000 in donations by March 31, the winery will match it. If they raise less, the winery will match that figure instead, she said.

“They’re a huge supporter of the museum,” she said.

On Sunday, though, WOW staff weren’t asking for gifts, but giving back. Visitors were admitted into the museum free to explore, and an hour before the birthday party ended at 4 p.m., the museum was still bustling.

“It’s just neat to see people are still coming in,” Snyde said. “Everybody loves this museum.”

For more information, visit www.wowsciencemuseum.org.

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