Korynn OC returns to her roots with NorCal tour

Korynn OC will be back in her hometown of Lodi for a concert on Thursday. She'll perform in Stockton on Saturday.

Korynn OC is having a whirlwind of a visit home.

She was invited to perform in concert at the Hotel Utah in San Francisco. While in the area, she decided to squeeze in several performances in Lodi, Woodbridge and Stockton.

It’s a sweet homecoming for Korynn, who just five years ago was singing covers of Jewel, Lana Del Rey and Amy Winehouse at Downtown Lodi tasting rooms.

She’s been writing her own songs since her days at Tokay High School, where she graduated in 2011 as Korynn O’Connell.

Now, she’s Korynn OC, performing and recording her own music and collaborating with other musicians in California’s creative mecca: Los Angeles.

“I’ve been thinking about moving to L.A. for a while,” she said.

Last December, opportunity struck. A songwriter friend already living in Los Angeles had a room open up, Korynn took it as a sign.

“It’s been amazing. I moved to Hollywood, which has been crazy, but in a good way,” she said.

A lot of people told her that she wouldn’t like L.A. — the people are rude, they said. The traffic is awful, the smog is bad, the cost of living is too high.

Korynn is glad she didn’t listen.

“I kind of met my people as soon as I got there,” she said.

She’s befriended other musicians, and creators chasing their dreams in fashion, videography and acting, among other fields.

“Everyone’s pursuing their passion, which is something that’s really inspiring for me to see,” she said.

Korynn has a day job, but she’s also working with other singer-songwriters on projects, meeting with producers, and livestreaming songs on the platform BIGO LIVE.

She recently released her EP “Like Poison.” Soon, she’ll be starting work on her next album.

“Music’s my main focus. I’ve been doing a lot of co-writing with people, so that’s cool,” she said.

While she may live in Los Angeles now, Korynn will have plenty of excuses to visit the local area.

Her song “Intoxicated” was selected to be featured in the Sacramento Film and Music Festival, which will be held later this year. She’ll be working with a director this week on a music video to be shown at the festival.

It’s a triumph, after she submitted a song last year but was rejected.

“I’m really, really excited I get to work with them this year,” she said.

Korynn will also be back in Lodi in November for the annual music festival she helped found.

“My dad and I are doing Roc-Vemberfest again this year,” she said. “It’s all for a great cause, for Operation Restored Warrior.”

The festival is expanding this year to include four stages at IDOL Beer Works and Five Window Beer Co. Proceeds go to help veterans struggling with PTSD and other issues. With Korynn in L.A., her dad Kevin O’Connell is looking for volunteers to help organize the festival, she said.

Korynn has other opportunities ahead, too. In July, she is headed to Miami to shoot another music video.

She feels lucky to be getting so many chances to follow her musical goals, she said, and that so many people are open to working with her.

“Things have been going really well,” she said.

Catch Korynn this week at the Wine Garden Stage at Thursday evening’s Downtown Lodi Farmers Market, joined by K-Doh and the Doh-Nutz. On Saturday, she’ll be at Cast Iron in Stockton. Her music can also be heard on Spotify and iTunes.

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