Six-car Lodi collision linked to teen pranks

Cars are being towed after an accident involving multiple vehicles on Lower Sacramento Rd Friday morning, May 24, 2019.

What most likely began as a prank between high school students on Friday morning resulted in a multiple-vehicle collision in Lodi with no injuries reported.

According to Lodi Police Sgt. Tim Fritz, the students were asked to leave Dutch Bros Coffee, 26022 W. Kettleman Lane, Lodi, at approximately 7 a.m. Friday and did so.

“They very well may have been throwing things at each other,” Fritz said.

Multiple posts on Facebook stated that the students were seniors at Tokay High School, and that they had been throwing eggs and possibly water balloons at one another in the Walmart parking lot.

Although Fritz said he did not know who was throwing what at whom, there was evidence that something had been thrown.

“They said there were eggs on the scene, and some type of sugary liquid at the scene,” Fritz said.

The students were involved in a six-vehicle collision on South Lower Sacramento Road, Fritz said, but no injuries were reported and the cause of the collision is unknown.

Last year, several cars were vandalized at Lodi High School in what police believes was a senior prank. Some cars had their mirrors broken, some were keyed and many were covered in chocolate sauce and shaving cream.

The Lodi High students involved in last year’s prank faced disciplinary action including being banned from the ceremonial walk at their graduation ceremony.

It is unknown if the Tokay High students involved in this year’s incident will face the same disciplinary action, if any at all.

Lodi Unified School District emailed the following statement to the News-Sentinel.

“Lodi Unified was very sorry to hear about the car accident involving several Tokay High School students. We are grateful that no serious injuries have been reported. It is our understanding that the Lodi Police Department has filed an incident report.”

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