Although Scott McGregor has served as interim assistant superintendent of elementary education for Lodi Unified School District since July 2018, his position was made permanent by the LUSD Board of Education during their Tuesday night meeting.

“We are very excited that Scott McGregor has been appointed to the position of assistant superintendent of elementary education. He has been doing a fantastic job since he took the interim position in July,” said Dr. Cathy Nichols-Washer, LUSD’s superintendent

“I feel very honored that Dr. Washer and the board would like me to continue in this position,” McGregor said on Thursday. “I’m very excited to have the opportunity to continue working with the elementary school sites to accomplish the goals of the superintendent and the board.”

McGregor, who served as principal of Lodi Middle School for six years before he accepted the interim position last July, said having all students reading at grade level by third grade is one of the district’s most important goals.

Although that task may be daunting, McGregor welcomes the challenge as an opportunity to continue working with administrators and teachers alike to improve educational opportunities for the district’s students.

“The teachers have given me a lot of hope because they’re so excited about the work they’re doing and they have so much passion to teach,” McGregor said.

Over the past eight months, McGregor said his proudest accomplishment was building relationships based on trust and cooperation with principals from some of the district’s elementary schools.

“I hope I can establish that with all of the sites,” McGregor said. “If I have the opportunity to talk to parents or work with parents, the same thing holds true. I don’t want to be just a name in the district office, I want to be seen as an actual person with a desire to make things work.”

Moving forward, McGregor plans to encourage even more collaboration between teachers, school administrators and district staff to achieve the goal of preparing students for success in middle school, high school and beyond.

“Everyone’s got to have a voice and a part if everyone’s going to buy in and reach that goal,” McGregor said.

Susan Petersen, principal of Leroy Nichols Elementary School, was excited to learn that McGregor’s position was made permanent.

“I feel that Scott has done an outstanding job of bringing the administrators together and focusing us on the best ways to service out students and the community,” Petersen said.

Ellerth E. Larson Elementary School’s principal Leslie Maldonado said McGregor has been a strong supporter of her school ever since he first took the interim position last year.

“Scott has been an instrumental part of our school year,” Maldonado said. “It’s obvious that he cares about what’s going on in our school, he’s definitely passionate about elementary education.”

Malay O’Reilly, a kindergarten teacher at Larson, said McGregor visits her class every chance he gets and even participates in class activities that involve exercise.

“Mr. McGregor is on the floor planking with us, and we have never seen that before with anyone from the district office ... and he’s got the biggest smile,” O’Reilly said. “We are so, so happy that he’s been made permanent.”

Neil Young, principal of Woodbridge Elementary School, also spoke highly of McGregor.

“I love working with Scott, he is so kid-centered and supportive. As elementary principals, we are all excited knowing that he’s going to continue in that role,” Young said. “I just think the board made a great decision in hiring him as assistant superintendent, and I think our kids are going to benefit from his leadership.”

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