The latest viral sensation captivating internet users is 9-month-old Lodi native Blakely Jernigan, whose priceless reaction to eating ice cream for the first time is gaining national attention.

The video first appeared on TikTok, a video-sharing social networking service used to create short lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos. The video shows father Derek Jernigan feeding Blakely ice cream for the first time inside the Lakewood Plaza Baskin Robbins.

The couple visited the ice cream parlor Sunday evening after enjoying dinner out at Rick’s New York Style Pizza, according to mother Brittani Jernigan.

“My back was actually turned to my husband and Blakely, but he was sharing some of his gold medal ribbon ice cream with her and then I heard him laughing. I was like, ‘Turn her around so I can see,’ while I was laughing. I thought, ‘I should record this,’ ” Brittani said.

In the video, a wide-eyed Blakely is seen holding the ice cream cone with both hands. As she tastes it for the first time, she begins leaning backward and her father catches her.

The couple is heard laughing in the background when Blakely goes in for another bite.

Derek attempts to pull the cone away from her but she adamantly holds on tighter, and her fingers dig deeper into the ice cream.

Father Derek can be heard in the video saying ‘Blakely let go,’ before he recruits Brittani to help him remove the ice cream from Blakely’s grip.

Brittani said her older daughter Raelynn, 2, also makes a lot of hilarious faces, which she often captures and sends to family and friends.

The video has received more than 500,000 likes, with over 5,000 comments. It also appeared on the “Today Show” Tuesday morning during a segment called Hoda’s Morning Boost.

The segment is hosted by Hoda Kotb, who shares popular viral videos and heartwarming stories with television viewers.

“Honestly, it is both awesome and insane,” Brittani said of response to the video. “This whole thing has been so surreal. I posted this video online so family and friends could get a kick at how hysterical my kids are,” she said.

Brittani added that Blakely has already developed a comical personality, and often blows raspberry and makes aggressive faces when she does not get what she wants.

“She’s very comical, goofy and bossy, so it’s a typical reaction for her. She makes a lot of funny faces, and when she smiles she scrunches up her whole face and you can see all her teeth and she has the cutest little gap in between her front teeth,” she said.

Brittani has been encouraged by some to film more videos of Blakely’s reaction to trying new things.

“The next thing we’re going to try is a pickle,” she said.

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