Lodi family shaken after dog attack

Barbara Lopez’s dog Powder, a Chihuahua, was attacked and killed by a pit bull while the family was out for a walk on Tuesday in Lodi.

Bertha Lopez’s family was out walking their two Chihuahua dogs, Powder and Dora, on Tuesday evening when their dogs were attacked by a pit bull.

Lopez and her parents turned the corner near Lilac Street and Eilers Lane when a pit bull came out of an apartment and headed straight for Powder, the family’s white long-haired Chihuahua, killing the small dog.

The pit bull then went close to her mother who was handling Dora, when Lopez yelled, “NO!” She watched the dog walk back into the open apartment door, where the residents were calling the police.

Lopez is devastated by the loss of the family’s beloved dog.

“I can’t sleep at night, because I see the scene again and I imagine all the things that could have happened,” she said. The family’s other dog has also been shaken by what happened, she said.

After making the report to police, Lopez was told that the dog had attacked and bitten a woman and her dog the previous week, however authorities were unable to catch the dog at that time, she said.

Lieutenant Mike Kermgard of the Lodi Police Department confirmed that the Chihuahua was on a leash when attacked, and later died. He also confirmed that the pit bull in question attacked another dog on June 14.

“The dog that attacked was taken to the animal shelter, and they'll handle that,” Kermgard said.

The woman was brought over to identify if the dog was the same one involved in her incident, and confirmed it, Lopez said.

Lopez said the dog was taken by authorities and that the residents were fostering the dog.

She hasn’t heard from police or anyone else regarding what has happened to the dog since the day of the attack.

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